Functional Art

Sitting is 




I craft my unique furniture using the stack lamination process. I use this process because it lets me create the shapes that express my artistic vision. I believe that my sculpted chairs are the most comfortable and ergonomically correct chairs on earth. This level of comfort can only be achieved by hand sculpting every element of my furniture.


In addition to my wooden chairs I am introducing a full line of cast bronze furniture in 2015. All of my bronze pieces are being produced in limited editions. I also have a line of eco-friendly bamboo furniture. My wooden and bamboo creations are all one of a kind and I make a conscientious effort to make every piece totally unique.


I am asked by many woodworkers if I use computer automated equipment to create my forms. I take this as a great compliment to the precision I achieve using only my hands, eyes and creative mind to guide me through each creation. I rarely use exotic woods but occasionally I see such beauty in a piece of wood that I feel compelled to give it life in one of my pieces.


My chairs re-define the term, FUNCTIONAL ART.

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